Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Christmas Break

Well the break was a long and good one, but it didnt feel like we even had a break when we came back, we should have just been done with school, well i went paintballing over the christmas break a couple of times with some buds, and slept alot, ate lots of food and mostly lots of junk food, i think that i want more break right now we have been in school for only 2 days and i am sick of it, i dont really know what to write about i pretty much did nothing, i guess ya i did hang and do stuff but i dont remember it all i remember was sleeping and waking up and going to school, so basically right now i am just trying to waste time and write things down so that i can get half a page written, it snowed alot thats pretty sweet i need to go snow boarding i havent gone yet, i am now going to go draw a picture of my christmas break....

Monday, December 1, 2008

Random thoughts

right now im in my special ed class and its very cool i guess, i just saw an ant on the ground, maybe if im lucky i will eat breakfast tomarrow morning im so hungry, when i write i really have no idea where to put commas so i just put them where ever i think would be cool, like that one. saturday i almost got tazzered by my friends cop dad, i was sitting there and a red dot appeared on my chest, spazzing out i jumped behind the couch and was never seen again, i wonder how the movie ended, were watching all the seasons and episodes of 24 i dont understand it much but its pretty cool i guess, i really would like an egg right now, 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10..11..12..13..14..15..16..17..18..19..20..21..22..23..24..25..26..27..28, i have 28 teeth, i think i might have counted wrong but thats pretty cool thats how many i have or everyone has im not sure, ya know how people always tell there little kid not to eat paste i dont understand that i never had a problem with that i mean who eats glue, must be just morons. I wish i had a quarter for ever time i sneazzed, that would be so rad, i would be a rich man i would have like a lot of quarters, im glad that science has come up with so many cures and things for sickness, thats awsome that they can do that, i might get sick one day and need some medicine, so praize to the dude and dudets that came up with those, when i go to heaven im going to hug everyone that invented something cool on the earth.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Something Original about me

Something about myself that is original and that other people don't normally do is sing, i take voice, well lots of people sing but mostly girls, it is a very good way to express yourself and just let loose and let your emotions out, im not fruity i dont sing in the boys choir or anything, but i am planning on singing in the tallent show this year, no very many boys can sing so i have an advantage, i am also an artist so i have musical abillity and an artistic twist so i can do alot more than most people in the musical world, being a boy i get to have girls check me out, hubba hubba, girls are great if there were only boys on the earth i think i would kill myself or become a scientist and make a girl, i dont know whatever one would be easier, right now i am in talley special ed class and i am in it because i am special.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My favorite movie

my favorite movie has to be Get Smart, i mean it is way hilarious and makes me wet my pants everytime me and my buds watch it its so funny we almost have like the whole movie memorized and qoute every line with the movie, for example one very funny scene is when steve correl is walking and a women puts a gun to his head from behind tellin him to freeze, and he just says freez back, she says no you freeze, while he interupts saying, you freeze, she is getting very angry, saying no i told you to freeze, and being steve correl he says freeeeeeze times infinity. and that is just the funniest show in the world, if you have not seen in you have to what i just said is just a little taste and there is a bunch more where that came from so go check the movie out.

My Day

After having a very long dream about the cookie monster chasing me, i suddenly awoke and realized i had 5 minuts left to get to school, kicking the covers off me and walking ten steps to the shower.... one step....two steps....three steps....four steps....five steps....six steps....seven steps....eight steps....nine steps.... ten steps, finally getting there and noticing i had forgoten a towel i slowely turned around to retrieve a towel, thinking to myself "only twenty steps"..... one step....two step....three step....four step....five step....six step....seven step....eight step....nine step....ten step....eleven step....twelve step....thirteen step....fourteen step....fifteen step....sixteen step....seventeen step....eighteen step....ninteen step....and.....twenty step. finally getting there and getting into the shower getting washed up and running to the car getting to first period barely on time and that is my exciting day.

This is me after working out its pretty sad how small i am but im working at it, thanks for the support. Scream if you want my bod.